LA BIOSTHETIQUE is an exquisite brand for the luxury class spas and beauty salons. Our promise is to offer personalized service to every client and treat each case individually to suit you, your desires and needs.

Cut RUB 400 to RUB 550
Fringe trim RUB 100
Hair Styling
Blow dry RUB 200
Hair Styling - Short Hair RUB 500
Hair Styling - Medium Length Hair RUB 550
Hair Styling - Long Hair RUB 600
Hair Styling - Curly Hair RUB 650 to RUB 1,000
Hair braids RUB 250 to RUB 350
Special Occasion RUB 1,200
Wedding Hair RUB 1,500
Hair Coloring
Root touchupRUB 1,900
Root touchup - Short hair RUB 1,900
Root touchup - Medium length hair RUB 2,500
Root touchup - Long hair RUB 3,000
Semi permanent RUB 1,400/1,700/2,000
Mild, toning RUB 1,400/1,700/2,000
Highlights RUB 800 to RUB 1,000
Bleaching RUB 600 to RUB 800
HaircutRUB 500 to RUB 750
Beard trim RUB 200
Hair Styling (Men) RUB 150
Natural highlightsRUB 1,400 to RUB 1,900
Haircut RUB 250 to RUB 350
Fringe trim RUB 100
Hair Styling for Special Occasions (Women) RUB 350
Scalp and Hair Spa Treatments
Hair Ends Recovery Oil RUB 70
Sea Buckthorn Oil for Damaged HairRUB 150
Dry and High Porosity Hair Treatment

Using active lipo-amino acids, this delicate treatment helps restore severely damaged hair. The acids coat the strands with elastic film thus improving and shaping hair texture.

Split Ends Treatment

Improves hair structure, leaving your hair silky soft, shiny and protected from external damages.

Curly and Thin Hair Treatment

This overall treatment regenerates the outermost and the cortex layers, restores elasticity, creates more volume in hair. Your hair will become more manageable, easier to style, will better hold hairstyles and resist breakage.

Duration: 90 min.
Price: 1,000 RUB
Hair Loss and Growth Boosting Treatment

This overall treatment reduces hair loss attributed to genetics reasons or short-term health condition. Helps to improve blood circulation system at the scalp area, stimulates roots metabolism. Supplies nutrients to the hair bulb to promote hair growth.

Dandruff Treatment

This overall treatment helps in diminishing dandruff, improves the scalp's natural defenses, protecting it against dandruff-causing microorganisms, gives relief to itchiness while eliminating redness and irritation. Prevents the reappearance of dandruff.

Duration: 60 min.
Price: 1,000 RUB
Thin Hair Treatment

Cuticle Hair Repair All Encompassing Treatment The cuticle is the outermost layer that protects the inside of the hair shaft from damage. This treatment strengthens hair giving your roots more volume.

Sensitive Scalp All Encompassing Treatment

Relieves sensitive scalp by smoothing and harmonizing it, calms down itch, eliminates redness, helps your hair be healthier.

Dry Scalp All Encompassing Treatment

Stabilizes the hydrolipid film and balances the skin's functions to promote healthy hair growth.

Oily Scalp Treatment

This comprehensive treatment keeps down overactive sebum glands making your hair silky, smooth, less greasy and fabulous for longer. Reduces inflammation.

Wet Scalp Comprehensive Treatment

Negates corrosive components of sweat, diminishes its adverse impact on the scalp and hair growth thus helping your hair stay fresh longer and hold hairstyles better.

Duration: 20 min.
Price: 250 RUB