Cakes made to order

We are excited to inform you that Rodina Hotel & SPA is a proud owner of a Confectionery shop. We make cakes using our own exclusive recipes and the average price of our cakes variates RUB 450 - RUB 700 per kilo. Pretty Mini Cakes or Petit Four (RUB 35 - 40), cakes (RUB 100 - 150) for one item, light and addicting desserts with mousse, sweet biscuits, mashed fresh berries, wonderful dessert cheeses, elite alcohol drinks.

We have created some special offers for cafes, restaurants, event and party makers, banquet managers.

Pastries and sweets are delivered straight to your door.

Call us to place your pre-order: 8 (928) 264-34-68 9am - 4pm