1. Only small and medium breed dogs and cats weighing up to 6 kg are recognized as pets in the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to determine whether this pet may stay in the room.

2. When checking in to the hotel with pets, the guest is obliged to read the Rules of Stay for Guests with Pets (“Pets”) and sign to confirm its consent with these rules.

3. Guests checked in for vacation with pets shall have a certificate issued by a veterinarian indicating all vaccinations.

4. The guest shall bring a special mat or a special cage for pet.

5. The guest shall walk medium and large size dogs only muzzled.

6. It is strictly prohibited to walk pets in the territory of the playground and lawns.

7. The guest shall bring special dishes to feed its pet.

8. The guest shall bring a special tray as a cat’s toilet.

9. It is strictly prohibited to feed pets from hotel dishes.

10. In the absence of a special cage for the pet, it is prohibited to leave pets unattended by their masters in a hotel room, building hall, and on the hotel territory.

11. It is prohibited to bring pets to the restaurant, health complex and other public spaces.

12. It is prohibited to wash pets in room showers, use towels, sheets and other hotel bedclothes.

13. It is prohibited to comb out pets in a hotel room or building lobby.

14. The guest shall ensure the absence of its pet for the time of room cleaning by hotel personnel or repairs carried out in the room.

15. The daily rate for pet staying in the hotel shall be according to the valid price list. In case of any damage to hotel property, the guest shall deposit additional funds to cover the consequences of the damage caused.

16. The hotel reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the guest staying with pets:
- In case of violating the rules of staying with pets
- In case of aggressive, inadequate, noisy pet behavior.